Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Summertime is a wonderful time to take on a new project.  The daylight hours are longer, the children are out of school, and families tend to have more vacation time together.

One project I have worked on for my granddaughter, June, is "Prayer Sticks." June is too young to make prayer sticks on her own but perhaps your children or grandchildren are older and won't need much assistance with this meaningful activity.  Its even a great idea for adults too!

The popsicle sticks I used cost just $1 at the Dollar Store.  That was for a bag of a couple hundred sticks.  Then I took some bright markers and wrote simple prayers or praises on them.  
For example:

Help me, Lord, to learn to share.
Thank you, Jesus, for my bed.
Dear God, Teach me to obey.
God, please help the sick.

On the back side of the sticks, I made colorful little flowers or polka-dots, just so they would be eye-catching and cute.  I placed June's sticks in a small jar with a ribbon.  Then, two or threes times a day, when she is visiting me, she can pull out a stick and we can say a prayer together.

Several things make this an excellent project:

It's very inexpensive!
It teaches the importance of prayer!
It help our young ones learn how to talk to God about everything!
It can keep on going!

You might choose to purchase styrofoam and put it in a pot to hold the sticks, like flowers. You probably can think of several other ways to place these prayer sticks around your home. Keep adding to the sticks over time.  You can even put specific names on the sticks, such as a school friend who gets sick or a pet that gets hurt.  Nothing is too small to the Lord because He cares about everything in our lives!  Isn't it awesome to serve such a wonderful God?  

"And they that know your name will put their trust in you:  for you, Lord, will not forsake those that seek you."
~Psalm 9: 10

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Please...Catch Me If You Can!

Gee (can you start a blog with, "Gee?")'s been terribly tough to keep up with my blog all summer long!  I have had so much activity in my life since daughter graduated from college and became engaged, while the other moved back home with us bringing along her husband and daughter....and then they moved yet again last week to their semi-permanent residence while finishing college.  I have traveled to New Orleans, Nashville, and the Blue Ridge Parkway within the past five weeks! And during all of these changes, I have tried to maintain my daily Bible Reading, Bible Study and Prayer Time.  Whew!

I have to say that God has been very good to me.  He has provided me with strength and energy to hold up during all of these changes.  He is always faithful!

One thing I have given up during this summer of craziness is Facebook.  I found that it began to dominate more and more of my time while worrying more and more of my mind! I soon learned that anything, anything, even something meant to be good can be used by satan to attack and weaken us.  While I have enjoyed the time away from Facebook, part of me really misses it.....because I loved to connect with my Christian friends. I enjoyed the sharing back and forth of Scripture, prayer requests, and photos of the babies, grandbabies, hubbies, pets, gardens and crafty ideas. Because of this, I decided to try something new by creating a page for "The Homespun Wife" on Facebook!  I pray that you will join me there and we can be a godly encouragement to each other.

These days may leave me feeling like the gingerbread man, running to and fro and screaming, "Catch me if you can!" And I really hope you will catch me...because I'll be looking for you!

Until next time, may God bless you with the joy of His presence.

~For You have been a shelter for me, A strong tower from the enemy.
Psalm 61: 3