Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There are lots of things I love about home....and through the years those things have changed.  When I was young, I loved that home was a place for hubby and me to cuddle together and to listen to music and cook.  It was a wonderful place for just the two of us.

Soon, home expanded. Our living quarters became two bedrooms instead of one as we awaited our new addition, a son.  I can still see his little room with the baby lamp that he hated for us to leave on at night.  I can see his small dresser full of tiny blue and red shirts and brown corduroy pants.  "Home" was a place for enjoying tiny feet and squeals and giggles.  It was a place full of toys and board books and precious hugs.

Before long, home took on several more little ones.  It became a place where bread was always baking, someone was often crying, someone was frequently playing or napping (oh yes!). There were rocking chairs and rocking horses, building blocks and legos, baby dolls and barbie cars, bows and boots. There was a time-out corner and a reading chair.  

Later, there were bikes in the yard and footballs too.  Pompoms adorned the floor near backpacks and lunch boxes. Home was often where we dropped off everything before heading out again.  It was where we watched the children on Christmas morning, anticipation etched on their faces.  Home was where we canned our jelly and jam and we worked in the garden.  It was where we built snowmen and fell flat in the drifts to design snow angels.  It was a place where daddy had a belt and didn't want to use it.  But we knew he would if he needed to.

As the years went by, home fell into a rhythm of high school football games and track meets, final exams and curfews.  There was the moment when the first child got his driver's license and we all took turns sitting in the front seat while he drove us around the block.  Then there were more driver's licenses....and quite a few accidents that shook us up.  At home, we could cry when others let us down and we could get mad and slam the door.  It was okay because everyone at home would still love us anyway.  Home was a place that saw lots of sadness too.  But when the clouds cleared, home was still here. And it was still home.

Home is where our daughter married and set off into the world.  Soon, grandchildren adorned the scene and the rocking chair was back in motion.  Once again, there were toys everywhere and bottles in the sink.  There were also those few moments of quiet.  I loved those.  Noise is good.  Quiet is good.

The most wonderful thing about home is that the Lord Jesus has always been the head of it.  He is always present and His love is very real.  He is forever reminding us that His home is the best and one day we will go there to live with Him in that perfect home He has made for us.  

Is there any wonder that home is where the heart is.....

~Blessed are those who dwell in Your house;
They will still be praising You.
Psalm 84: 4


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